Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama-Biden: A Match Made In Iowa

by Beverly David, Huffington Post, August 23, 2008

Score one for Obama!

Known for his verbal blunders, Sen. Joe Biden has blundered into the race of his life and most probably, of his near-ultimate dream. He may never be president but he may well become vice president.

His son, Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III, is the current Attorney General of Delaware and is now poised to become the next U.S. Senator from Delaware if his daddy and Obama successfully combat the negative campaigning by Sen. John McCain and his Rovian Republican staff running the show.

The first big decision by Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, to choose Joe Biden as his running mate is seen as a smart political move by most of the party faithful, excepting the small but vocal Hillary-supporters still holding a grudge.

It's a choice the Republicans cannot be pleased with since only Biden -- of all the veep possibilities -- possesses the gravitas, personality, and political savvy to land real blows in a campaign already noted for street fighting. He is exactly what Obama needs in a running mate. >>MORE  

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