Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hillary's Failing: It Was All Someone Else's Fault

by Gabrielle David, a Huffington Post Exclusive

IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS, we've been hearing that women and erstwhile Hillary Clinton supporters are ticked off she didn't win the Democratic Presidential nomination. They are especially angered by what they consider sexist news coverage, and that the Democratic "machine" did not support her wholeheartedly. Many have threatened to make a stink at the Democratic convention to push for a Clinton vice presidency; others have stated that they'd rather vote for John McCain than for the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, some refusing to vote at all.

There are many ideas floating around about why Hillary Clinton failed in her quest to become the first woman president of the United States. Hillary's vote for the Iraq War and how she handled the fall-out has been seen by many as a major blunder going into the race, but there were other issues that culminated into her failed candidacy. It's no secret in my immediate circle that I was never hot for Hillary and I've said for years that her nomination would be a bad idea. This, of course, is my opinion. For those who backed Hillary and continue to believe that she is the better candidate, I bear no grudge -- this is America where everyone is entitled to their own opinion and preference for a particular candidate. What I don't understand is how Hillary supporters insist that their candidate was treated unjustly by continuing to grind the "woman's vote" and "sexist coverage" into the ground, giving teeth to an issue that doesn't jibe with what actually happened to Hillary's campaign and her role in it. >>Read More

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